Gardaland Magic Winter (2023)

A Guide to Gardaland Magic Winter

Discover the wonderful world of Gardaland Magic Winter, where lights, festive decorations, and amazing entertainment warm your heart from December to early January. 

Save dates from 8th December to 7th January; it happens during that time.

Immerse yourself in the season’s magic; secure your tickets online and save on costs.

Happy Feet 4D Experience at the New 4D Cinema

Experience the newest addition to the 4D Cinema: “Happy Feet 4D Experience.” 

Join Mumble, the lively Emperor Penguin, as he ventures to Antarctica, where his colony faces a food shortage. 

Mumble embarks on a courageous adventure to convince humans to stop taking their fish. 

Discover that Mumble’s toe-tapping talent is a gift, not a burden, and may save his endangered colony!

This immersive experience is showcased in digital 3D and brought to life with 4D multi-sensory effects—a treat for the whole family to enjoy. 

So, put on your dancing shoes and boogie with Mumble on this unforgettable journey!

Special Activities to Delight All Ages

Santa Claus’ Magic Village 

Step into the enchanting world of Santa Claus’ Magic Village, where a magical Christmas journey awaits you. 

Explore the interactive experience through various themed rooms that bring the joy and wonder of the holiday season to life. 

It’s a delightful adventure for everyone, immersing you in the magic of Christmas in a truly special way.

Ice-skating Rink

Get ready for frosty fun at the heart of the park! An exquisite ice-skating rink is waiting for you in Jumanji Square.

Lace-up your skates and glide into a world of icy excitement. 

It’s a beautiful setting for some chilly thrills and a perfect way to add a touch of winter magic to your day at the park!

Must-see Shows

Get ready for an exciting day as a warm welcome event kicks off a series of must-see shows that will warm your heart. 

Brace yourself for breathtaking performances that will introduce you to the enchanting magic of the holidays. 

It’s a fantastic lineup of entertainment that promises to make your day at the park special!

The Tastiest Competition: “Prezzemolo and the Golden Ticket”

Indulge your taste buds and participate in the delectable “Prezzemolo and the Golden Ticket” competition. 

Purchase a “PREZZEMOLO CHOCO BAR” chocolate bar from Camelot, Adventure Store, or Dolce Mania stores. 

Cross your fingers for the chance to find the coveted Golden Ticket inside. 

It’s your golden opportunity to savor the chocolate and the thrill of winning!

Don’t miss out on Gardaland Winter Magic—a magical celebration that promises to leave you enchanted and filled with the warmth of the festive season.

Gardaland Magic Winter Tickets

To make the most of your magical experience, we recommend purchasing tickets online. 

Save money and secure your spot for a day filled with joy and enchantment. 

Click here to buy your tickets and prepare for a magical journey at Gardaland Magic Winter!

Ticket type Ticket price
Adult ticket ( age 99 years and younger)$28

Delightful Winter Bites

Treat yourself to delicious winter snacks at Gardaland Winter Magic!

Savor the warmth of apple with mulled wine, delight in the sweetness of red churros, or feast on the comforting flavors of a winter sandwich and pizza.

It’s a feast for your senses that adds a delicious touch to your magical day at Gardaland Magic Winter.

So don’t waste more time and book your tickets in advance.

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