Gardaland Park Opening Hours

Planning your visit? Understanding the park’s opening hours is crucial for maximizing your experience.

Gardaland’s peak season typically spans from late spring through summer, approximately June to August, including major holidays and school vacation periods.

This is when the park is most crowded and open longer to accommodate visitors.

The lean season falls outside these months, particularly in the early spring (March to May) and late autumn to winter (September to February). 

with fewer visitors, shorter opening hours, and possibly reduced operation of some attractions.

Gardaland Park Opening Hours

Gardaland opens at 10 am, with closing times varying by season–- 5 pm, 6 pm, 7 pm, to as late as 11 pm.

Perfect for both early birds and night owls, Gardaland ensures every moment is packed with excitement.

This gives visitors ample time to explore the variety of attractions and shows that the park has to offer.

SeasonOpening timeClosing time
23 March to 15 June 10 am 6 pm
16 June to 8 September10 am 11 pm
9 September to 3 November10 am 7 pm
7 December to 6 January10.30 am 6 pm

For detailed schedules and timings, please refer to the provided PDF calendar. This document will offer a comprehensive view of the specific dates and hours of operation, ensuring you can accurately plan your visit.

Best Time to Visit Gardaland?

For the ideal Gardaland experience, visit during June-August to bask in the lively peak season atmosphere, perfect for sun-lovers and event enthusiasts, but be ready for crowds. 

Opt for September to May for a quieter, relaxed visit with shorter lines, ideal for those seeking a more laid-back adventure.

Peak Season vs Low Season

Peak Season: June to AugustLow Season: September to May
• During the peak season from June to August at Gardaland, visitors are greeted with warm, sunny weather perfect for enjoying many outdoor activities and rides. 

• This season, characterized by its lively atmosphere and special events, draws large crowds, especially on weekends and holidays. 

• While the extended park hours allow more time for fun, be prepared for longer wait times for popular attractions.
• In the low season, from September to May, Gardaland offers a cooler, more comfortable climate ideal for those exploring the park without the summer crowds. 

• This season is known for its quiet conditions, short lines, and thus, the opportunity to enjoy the rides and attractions in comfort.

• It’s a great time for visitors who prefer a quieter experience with less waiting and more personal enjoyment of the park’s features.

Visiting Gardaland on Weekdays 

Provides a quieter, more serene experience, with the advantage of shorter wait times for attractions, easier access to dining, and a generally more relaxed atmosphere. 

Arriving early enhances this experience, ensuring even shorter queues. 

This makes weekdays, especially outside the peak season, an ideal time for those looking to enjoy the park without the hustle and bustle.

Visiting Gardaland on Weekends

Particularly from Friday to Sunday, we see a surge in visitor numbers, making Gardaland more lively. 

Despite the crowds, weekends offer additional entertainment options and longer park hours, giving visitors more time to explore and enjoy the attractions. 

To make the most of a weekend visit, arriving around the park’s opening at 10 AM can help beat the rush, allowing for a smoother start to the day’s adventures.

Book Gardaland Park Tickets 

1-Day Gardaland Park ticket€45
Gardaland Park and SEA LIFE Aquarium ticket€42
Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium ticket€9


What are Gardaland’s operating hours?

Gardaland opens at 10 AM, with summer and winter hours varying. Always check current opening times before your visit.

Is the park open daily?

Gardaland, SEA LIFE Aquarium, and LEGOLAND Water Park close on certain days, especially from October to December. Check the timings when booking your ticket.

Does Gardaland offer late-night hours?

Gardaland extends its hours in summer and weekends, staying open until 12 AM on Halloween.

What are the cut-off times for entry?

Admission to Gardaland ends two hours before closing time.

How much time is recommended for a full Gardaland experience?

Allocate half a day for just Gardaland’s rides and attractions or a full day to also explore LEGOLAND Water Park and SEA LIFE Aquarium, depending on your interests.

When should one ideally plan a visit to Gardaland?

For fewer crowds, visit Gardaland on weekdays during the low season (September–May), aiming for early morning or late afternoon.

Is Gardaland operational on national holidays?

Gardaland is open on public holidays but closes for extended periods in winter. Always verify the latest opening times when booking.

Is it advisable to plan a visit to Gardaland on a holiday?

Visiting Gardaland on public holidays means facing longer lines. For a smoother experience, opt for a weekday visit right at opening or later in the afternoon.

Featured Image: Gardaland.it

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