Everything you need to know about the Gardaland Park Tickets

Welcome to Gardaland Park, an amazing place full of excitement and wonder!

It’s one of the most popular amusement parks in Europe, with almost 3 million people visiting every year.

The park is located near Lake Garda in Italy and has lots of cool things to do for people of all ages.

You can ride thrilling roller coasters like Blue Tornado and Shaman, and go on exciting water rides like Jungle Rapids.

There are also special areas like Legoland Water Park and Sea Life Aquarium where you can have even more fun.

If you’re planning a trip to Gardaland Park, it’s important to choose the right tickets.

There are different options available, including Gardaland Park tours and tickets.

Picking the right tickets will make your visit worth the time and money.

This article will take you through all the different choices and help you find the perfect tickets for your awesome adventure at Gardaland Park!

Top 3 Gardaland Tickets In 2024

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Hours -10 am to 11 pm

Last Entry: 11 pm

Time needed: Half a day

Best time: During the summer when there is no rain.

Ticket cost: €48 to €59

EXPECTED WAIT TIME – STANDARD: 30-60 mins (Peak), 0-30 mins (Off Peak)



Gardaland Resort is an amusement park resort located in northeastern Italy. Opened on 19 July 1975, the resort includes Gardaland Park.

Address: 37014 Castelnuovo del Garda, VR, Italy Gardaland Resort, Get directions

What to expect at Gardaland Park

In Gardaland Park, you can ensure an adrenaline rush; its rides suit individuals of all ages.

Some rides and attractions, however, have height restrictions.

And some are terrifying and require adults to accompany children; others are less spooky but still require supervision; others are attractions that children can ride alone.

With an entry ticket, you can enjoy 40 different rides!

Don’t miss out on the Sea Life Aquarium and the Legoland Water Park, which require a separate entry ticket.

1-Day Gardaland Park ticket€48
Gardaland Park and SEA LIFE Aquarium ticket€51
Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium ticket€9

Where to buy Gardaland Park tickets

You have the option to purchase Gardaland Park tickets either online or in person from the ticket office at the park’s entrance.

For a more convenient experience, we highly recommend buying Gardaland Park tickets online. This allows you to purchase tickets at your convenience, avoiding queues at the ticket office.

Opting for skip-the-line tickets can save you up to 20 to 25 minutes of waiting time, enhancing your overall park experience.

Furthermore, selecting your preferred time slot and date of visit can be particularly advantageous, especially during peak seasons like summer.

How online tickets work

Once you book Gardaland Park tickets online, you’ll immediately receive confirmation via email.

No need for a printout; simply show the e-ticket at the entrance.

The entry tickets are valid for an entire day.

Cost of Gardaland tickets

The 1-Day Gardaland Park ticket is €48 for all visitors to the park.

While the 2-Day Gardaland Park ticket costs €59 for all visitors to the park.

Tickets to Gardaland Park and the SEA LIFE Aquarium cost €51 per person.

The Gardaland Park SEA LIFE Aquarium ticket costs €9 per person.

Legoland Water Park ticket costs €48 for all visitors aged ten years and above. 

You can click the links to read about these tickets in detail, but if you want a short overview, scroll below.

1-day Gardaland Park tickets

Black Hole dive coaster
Image: Gardaland.it

Prepare for a fun-filled day and gain admission to all rides and theme parks with the aid of this one-day ticket. 

See attractions such as Oblivion, The Black Hole dive coaster, and the intriguing Jungle Rapids all day. 

You can travel back in time in the 4D Ice Age trip by floating on a log in the Colorado Boat. 

For access to Gardaland, you must bring your passport or ID card. 

Children under 90 cm(2.9 feet) and individuals with impairments can enter free of charge. 

Ticket Price

Ticket for all ages/visitors: €48

2-Day Gardaland Park tickets

Ice Age trip
Image: Gardaland.it

This ticket entitles you to two days’ admission to Gardaland Park. 

The 2-Day Gardaland Park ticket is an excellent choice because it allows you to bypass the entrance queue, save time, and have full access to all the rides and theme parks. 

You must print a voucher for this ticket so that they can keep track of the days. 

It is preferable to have the Super Green pass when entering the Park. 

Ticket Price

Gardaland Park: 2-Day open date entry ticket (until Nov 3)

Ticket for all ages/visitors: €59

Gardaland Park and SEA LIFE Aquarium

Park and SEA LIFE Aquarium
Image: Gardaland.it

You can visit the SEA LIFE Aquarium and Gardaland Park with a single ticket. 

You will have unlimited admission to all rides, attractions, activities, and themed areas for two consecutive days. 

With this ticket, you can bypass the admission queue and go straight to the park and aquarium. 

With 5,000 specimens in 37 tanks, the SEA LIFE Aquarium houses some of the most stunning wildlife globally. 

Ticket Price

Ticket for all ages/visitors: €51

Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium

SEA LIFE Aquarium
Image: Gardaland.it

The Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium is ideal for your children. 

With the help of 40 themed fish tanks, you may learn about 100 different species of sea creatures, observe sea lions, and discover more about the sea world. 

Remember to check out the interactive rock pools and shark feeding time. 

This ticket grants you viewing access to all tanks and interactive attractions and the ability to bypass the Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium’s entrance queue. 

You cannot bring animals to the aquarium.

Ticket Price

Ticket for all ages/visitors: €9

Legoland Water Park tickets

Access to Legoland is available only if you buy a ticket to Gardaland Park, as the water park is part of the amusement park.

This ticket gives you access to all Gardaland rides, the playground, Peppa Pigland and Legoland water park.

See real-life replicas of Italy’s most famous monuments, or wander through the LEGO River Adventure.

Remember to bring your passport or ID card to Gardaland Resort.

Children under 3.3 feet (1 meter) and others with disabilities are admitted free and do not require a ticket.

Ticket Price

Ticket for all ages/visitors: €48

Going to Gardaland with young children? Check out Peppa Pig’s land in Gardaland


Are Gardaland tickets cheaper online? 

Yes, an Online Gardaland Park ticket is €44, cheaper than those bought on-site. 

How many rides are there at Gardaland Park?

Gardaland Park has a total of 36 attractions, including 7 roller coasters and 3 water rides. 

Where is Gardaland located?

Gardaland is located in Castelnuovo del Garda, near Lake Garda, in northeastern Italy.
Get Directions. 

What are the opening hours of Gardaland?

Gardaland is open from 10 am to 6 pm daily, Monday through Sunday may vary based on the season and specific dates. Get more details here.

Does Gardaland close in winter?

Yes! To stay up-to-date on the calendar and opening hours.

What are the popular attractions at Gardaland?

Some popular attractions at Gardaland include roller coasters like Raptor, Oblivion, and Blue Tornado and themed areas like Fantasy Kingdom and Adventure Land.

Are there any height or age restrictions for the rides at Gardaland?

Yes, there are height and age restrictions for certain rides at Gardaland. The limits vary depending on the specific ride.

Featured Image: Facebook.com/parksonline.germany

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